Karaoke Booth

Service description all our booths -Premium, Inflatable or Totem- allow you to choose a song from a preset list of 10 choices so you can sing whichever you like the most! All songs and videos are compiled live in order to make a final video and show it on the big screen at the party.


Our basic package includes:

  • 4-hour service.
  • Equipment assembly and removal.
  • Basic party props.
  • Screening of edited video.
  • Rental of Totem Booth, Inflatable Booth or Premium Booth.
  • BA Booth's Staff: 1 Event Supervisor, 1 Assistant and 1 Editor.
  • 10 songs to choose from a preset list.


Enjoy more benefits:

  • Photo Booth with printing option not only will you be able to sing a song but also take a photo and keep it as a souvenir!
  • Patterned curtains for our Totem Booth: we count with a selection of designs to choose from: polka dots, multicolored stripes, pennants, chevron and fleur-de-lis.
  • Video Booth without editing option: you will be able to record video messages with this booth.
  • VideoBooth with editing option: this choice will allow you to edit all videos live.
  • Digital green screen background change the background to anything you like!
  • Email / data collection: we collect every user's email address through a touch screen.
  • Custom backgrounds for our Premium Booth: Different photo backgrounds are available upon request: colored, pennants and multicolored stripes.
  • Premium props: box with 5 lips, 5 types of moustache, 3 phrases, 5 smiles, 5 pairs of glasses and 5 bows.

KARAOKE BOOTH DEAL Email us to get a quotation!

  • DEAL 1:
    Karaoke Booth + PhotoBooth
  • DEAL 2:
    Karaoke Booth + VideoBooth

Get a quotation by emailing us at info@babooth.com.ar

Karaoke Booth

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